Earthquake Case Studies

Both MEDC & LEDC... Tells Basic Facts, Causes, Primary&Secondary Effects,Responses

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Haiti's Earthquake ­> January 2010
Basic Facts
Magnitude = 7.0
Worst in the area for 200 years
Epicentre was 25km west of the capital
52 aftershocks = 4.5 +
Estimated 230,000 dead, 300,000 injured & 1 million homeless
Poorest country in the western hemisphere
Haiti lies of a conservative plate boundary on the edges of the North American
and Caribbean plates. With the focus 13km below the surface the fault moved
after being locked for 250 years. The rupture in the fault was 65km long.
Primary Effects
Shaking Ground
Secondary Effects
Collapsed Buildings
Water & Food shortage
Electricity supplies disrupted
Roads blocked (10 days)
Telephone system down
No mobile signals
Hospital destroyed
Main prison wrecked , 4,000 inmates escaped
US government took control of the airport
Supplies had to be turned away
Delayed aid led to looting and violence
US sent $7m in 24hrs
UN increased relief to $1.44bn
Within 24hrs medical aid from Iceland had arrived.
1/5 jobs have been lost to the earthquake

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Japanese Earthquake 11th
March 2011
Basic Facts
Made of 3 main islands in the Pacific
Magnitude = 9.0
Between the Eurasian and Pacific plates there is a destructive plate margin.
The oceanic pacific plate was sub ducted underneath the continental Eurasian
plate, however the pressure built up and the continental plate bounced back.
It caused an earthquake and displaced sea water causing a tsunami.…read more


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