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Inter-rater reliability of the DSM
· For the DSM to be a reliable diagnostic
tool, it should allow for multiple people to
come to the same diagnosis when
presented with the same symptoms…read more

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Nicholls et al (2000)
· Looked at reliability of diagnosis of eating
disorders in children.
· 81 patients with some eating problem were
diagnosed using:
­ ICD 10
­ Great Ormond Street's own classification system
· Only 64% of raters agreed with a diagnosis
(more reliable that ICD 10 [36%]; less reliable
than GOSH own [88%])…read more

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Stinchfield (2003)
· Looked at diagnosis of pathological gambling
· 803 `normal' participants, 259 Ps on a
gambling treatment programme
· Questionnaire used to measure DSM
Diagnostic Criteria for pathological gambling
(pg 671)
· Found that those who were already classified
as pathological gamblers were reliably
identified (also showed validity)…read more

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Kirk & Kutchins (1992)
· Reviewed research into the reliability of the
· Argued there are methodological issues with
the studies (e.g., questionnaires and
interviews), therefore reducing generalisability
· Said interviewers are not sufficiently trained to
show accuracy
· Also said the studies were done outside of
normal clinical settings
· Therefore suggested the DSM lacks reliability…read more

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Validity of the DSM
· For the DSM to be a valid diagnostic tool,
it should allow for clinicians to come to the
correct diagnosis when presented with a
set of symptoms
· E.g., not diagnosing insomnia when it's
actually a symptom of depression…read more

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Rosenhan (1973)
· Sent 8 people without an existing mental
disorder to a mental hospital, claiming they
were hearing voices
· 7/8 were incorrectly diagnosed as having
schizophrenia (1/8 bipolar)
· Shows the DSM II lacked validity because
none of these patients should have been
diagnosed with anything (they were
normal!)…read more

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