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Smoking, drugs and alcohol 14
Alcohol…read more

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Smoking 14
Cigarettes contain 3 harmful things:
1. NICOTINE, which is an ___________ drug that raises
the heart beat, narrows the arteries and so causes
____ _____ _____. This leads to heart _________.
2. TAR, which coats the lining of the _______ making
them less able to take in oxygen. It also contains
carcinogens which cause ______________.
3. CARBON MONOXIDE, which is a _______ ____ which
joins up with ____ blood cells making them incapable of
transporting _____________ around the body.
Words ­ high blood pressure, oxygen, red, addictive,
disease, poisonous gas, lungs, cancer…read more

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Damaging the alveoli (emphysema) 14
Before smoking After smoking ­ less
surface area…read more


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