Unit 3 

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  • Unit 3
    • Medicines
      • An medical drug improves your health by curing or preventing diseases
      • analgesic drugs reduce pain,Anti- inflammatory drugs reduce swelling , which may relieve pain
      • overuse symptom relieving drugs may lead to addiction as a result it can lead to liver damage
    • antibiotics
      • these are drugs which kill bacteria
      • over prescribing antibiotics increased the amount of resistant bacteria
    • Approving a new drug
      • Stage 1 - drug is tested on computer models and human cells
        • stage 2 -drug is tested on animals
          • Stage 3 - drug is tested on healthy human volunteers to check its safe
            • stage 4 -drug is tested on patients which have an illness
              • stage 5 -drugs are tested on patients to monitor a drug effectiveness
                • Stage 6- drug approved and can be prescribed
    • recreational drugs
      • Drugs are chemicals which affect the body in a helpful or harmful way
      • people can become addicted to them and suffer withdrawal symptoms
      • No medical benefits
    • Tobacco
      • The smoke contains tar,nicotine and carbon monoxide
    • Alcohol
      • Alcohol is a depressant on the nervous system
      • long term alcohol can lead to brain damage


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