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Is a genetic disorder,
that is also known as
Down syndrome, it
DOWN'S SYNDROME causes some level of
learning disability and a
range of physical
features.…read more

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Down's Syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects around 750
babies in the UK, and it affects people of all race, religions and
economic backgrounds.
There life expectancy is 60 years, which is a young age for
anyone to die.…read more

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People with Down's syndrome share a
number of physical characteristics.
But Not everyone will have all of them,
but they may include:
reduced muscle tone which results in
floppiness (hypotonia)
a small nose and flat nasal bridge
a small mouth
eyes that slant upwards and
a big space between the first and
second toe (sandal gap)
broad hands with short fingers
their palm may have only one crease
across it (palmar crease)
a below average weight and length at
birth…read more

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Down's syndrome is caused by few number of things these are
Age of Mother
Chromosomes…read more

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A woman who is
25 years of age has a risk of 1 in
The older the mother the more 1,250
risk there is for the unborn
child to have symptoms of 30 years of age has a risk of 1 in
down's syndrome. 1,000
This does not necessarily 35 years of age has a risk of 1 in 400
mean that if you are over a 40 years of age has a risk of 1 in 100
certain age your child does
not will have down's 45 years of age has a risk of 1 in 30
syndrome because it can
affect everyone at any age.
Over half of babies with
Down's syndrome are born to
mothers who are under 35-
women under 35 make up the
majority of the child-bearing
population.…read more

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Chromosomes are thread-like Chromosomes are for a wide
structures that are known as range of factors:
genes, the human body is made
up of genes. How Cells in the body develop
Chromosomes are blocks of Colour of eyes
deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
Sex of a baby
There are 46 chromosomes :
23 from the mother The additional genetic material
23 from the father causes physical and
developmental characteristics.
Within people with Down's
syndrome, all or some of the
cells in their bodies contain 47
chromosomes ­ there is a extra
21…read more

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