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Discuss the issue of bias in diagnostic system

Different patients with the same syndrome (e.g. schizophrenia) rarely present the same
symptoms. There is a grey area in which the fit between a patient's symptoms and those
forming the syndrome of a diagnostic category is relatively poor. In such cases, it…

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fashion, Rachman and de silva (1978) found that the obsessions and compulsions found in
patients with obsessive compulsive disorder are also found in over half the `normal'
population. Such findings make it hard to justify the notion of neat categories. One problem
with these findings is that it is culture…

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of diagnosis, and psychiatry has until recently been male dominated meaning that all male
behaviours are the standard by which all behaviours are measured. The result is that `normal'
female behaviours are often seen as signs of illness. For example, the clinical characteristics
for anorexia nervosa include lack of menstrual…


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