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Due to there being two manuals, certain aspects
OF SCHIZOPHRENIA of disorders/mental illnesses may not be the
A01Classification systems; same in each one. This can lead to conflict
DSM-IV (American version. Most widely used between different psychiatrists and an individual's
manual). diagnosis. May lack…

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NEGATIVE SYMPTOMS ­ TYPE 2 (chronic. Hard Schizophrenia (both have grandiose
to treat with drugs/sometimes untreatable) delusions and hallucinations)
4. Disorganised or catatonic behaviour 2. Schizotypy ­The categorical approach (all
(disorganised = jump from one task to another. or nothing approach. Either have
Make no sense. Catatonic means very sedentary…

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2. Criterion validity ­ people diagnosed with
Schizophrenia should behave differently to
those without schizophrenia.
3. Construct validity ­ test hypothesis based
on diagnosis ­ do they have higher levels of
dopamine? Genetic? Look for evidence.
4. Predictive validity ­ should be able to
predict the outcome of schizophrenia. If…

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1% of people in the world are diagnosed with misunderstandings between the individual and
schizophrenia, but 2% of lower class people are the psychiatrist (behaviour may have different
diagnosed with it. Shows significant difference to levels of acceptability between the two people
the lower class and other classes. i.e. a…


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