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Discuss the influence of genes and hormones in gender development

AO1 Genetics: In humans we have 23 pairs of chromosomes; each pair of chromosomes contains
genes that control different areas of development and different physical and behavioural
characteristics. One pair of chromosomes is the sex chromosomes, these control what sex…

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AO1 Hormones: Chromosomes initially determine a person's sex but most gender development is
actually governed by hormones: a chemical produced by the body that affects cells and organs. Sex
hormones found in humans include testosterone and oestrogen, each are present in normal males
and females but in different amounts. Ovaries…

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A- Despite cultural bias, a strength of the biological approach is that it provides clear
predictions about the effects of genes on behaviour, this means that the explanations can be
easily tested and `proven'.
D- However, and issue with this biological approach is that it suggests gender development is




hi do u have an essay for biosocial approach to gender development or essay for gender dysphoria? 

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