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Dimensions of class…read more

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The ruling class - overview
Central to Marxist theory
Power based on means of production ­
Term too simplistic
Ownership of means of production ruling
'Ruling class' better described as elite?
Group in power always owns means of
Difference between ownership and control?…read more

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Wealth ­ the ruling class
Person's net worth
If ownership = wealth, remains in hands of few
Sustained ownership of majority wealth by minority
inequal distribution of wealth…read more

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· Growth of joint stock companies
· Power with directors
managerial revolution
· Daniel Bell ­
· industrial society ­ production of
· post-industrial society ­
production of services
· Knowledge is power in post-
industrial society…read more

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Post-industrial society?
· Challenged by Marxists
· Knowledge produced through capital
investment to serve capitalist
· Top managers = shareholders, profit
· Shareholders not united in aim
· Managerial revolution = myth
· Capitalist class in control of modern
capitalism: entrepreneurial. rentier,
executive, finance
· Existance of capital class does not
mean ruling…read more

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A great and comprehensive PPT focusing on the various dimensions of class. Excellent.

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