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Quick Knowledge only
What can we do to keep our
bodies healthy?…read more

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What should a healthy diet
The correct amounts of carbohydrates,
proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre
and water.…read more

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What do you understand by
"metabolic rate"?
The rate at which all the chemical reaction in
the cells of your body take place.…read more

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What affects your metabolic rate?
The amount of activity you do. Exercise
increases your metabolic rate.…read more

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Give two factors that affect the
amount of energy that you need
within your diet.
Example Answers include:
Gender, age, pregnancy, temperature,
amount of exercise you do.…read more

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Give two factors that you are more
likely to suffer from if you are
Example answers include:
Arthritis, diabetes, heart disease,
high blood pressure.…read more

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