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Development of Personality…read more

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Key Words
· Personality The thoughts, feelings and behaviours that make a
person unique
· Temperament Inherited aspects of personality…read more

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Key Study- Buss and Plomin 1984
· Aim: To see whether temperament is innate
· Method: At 5 years old, 228 pairs of identical twins and 172 pairs of
non-identical twins were rated on: their emotional response,
activity and sociability. Their scores were compared
· Results: Identical twins scores were closer than non-identical twins
· Conclusion: Temperament is largely genetic. Identical twins are very
similar on all measures of personality…read more

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· It supports the view that temperament is innate
· Other factors could account for similarities, such as environmental
· It cannot be generalised because it was only tested on twins- not
everyone is a twin…read more

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Extroverts: Introverts: Neurotics
-People who look to the outside -People who are content with their -People who are highly emotional
world for entertainment own company and show a quick, tense reaction to
Characteristics: Characteristics: Characteristics:
-outgoing -calm/relaxed -perfectionist
-thrill seeker -close friends only -high expectations
-talkative -organised -more prone to depression
-many friends -very careful -overly sensitive
-confident -sensitive -don't like change
-quick decisions -sometimes shy -crave approval…read more

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Type of Personality
Key Study- Eysenck 1947
· Aim: Wanted to investigate personality
· Method: 700 servicemen completed a questionnaire. They were
analysed using factor analysis
· Results: Two personality dimensions were identified: extroversion-
introversion and neurotic-stability
· Conclusion: Everyone can be placed along these two dimensions,
most people lie in the middle…read more

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