Detente Timeline

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-January: Nixon becomes President of the USA, appoints Henry Kissinger as his National Security
Adviser. Willy Brandt becomes Chancellor of West Germany.
-May: SALT 1 agreed, including the ABM Treaty.
-December: West and East Germany sign the Basic Treaty, accepting the existence of each other as
separate states.
-January: USA signs Paris Peace Settlement and agrees to withdraw troops from Vietnam.
-July: NATO and Warsaw Pact countries begin talks that lead to the Helsinki Accords in 1973.
-September: Kissinger becomes US Secretary or State.
-17 July: Apollo-Soyuz link-up.
-August: Helsinki Accords signed.
-November: Jimmy Carter elected US President.
-January: Carter appoints neo-conservative Zbigniew Brzezinski as his National Security Adviser.
-May: Margaret Thatcher becomes British Prime Minister.
-June: Vienna Summit between Carter and Brezhnev leads to signing of SALT 2 Treaty.
-December: Soviet forces invade Afghanistan.
-January: USA suspends ratification of SALT 2 in protest at Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
-November: Right-winger Ronald Reagan elected President of the USA.


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