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Politics Democracy and Participation:

Legitimacy = the extent to which a government has the right to rule and exercise power.
A regime may be legitimate because it's government is widely recognised
o U.K vs. Russia in the Crimea
Legitimacy can refer to the degree in which a body can be…

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Politics Democracy and Participation:

Direct Democracy:
People make key political decisions e.g. referenda
o This stops the government making unpopular decisions
o Makes decisions more legitimate
AV vote in May 2011
o Educates the public on political issues
o Used when Parliament can't agree
Scotland referendum, possible EU referendum

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Politics Democracy and Participation:

Greater interest in constitutional reform and is considered important that any such reform
receives direct consent of the people
Referendums entrench reform and cannot be easily reversed by parties who have different
philosophical ideas
It is believed that the electorate are better informed about politics than…

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Politics Democracy and Participation:

Introducing an Elected Second Chamber

Arguments For Arguments Against
Increase legitimacy Challenge the authority of the Commons
An effective check on the government Might be less independent

Introduce a Codified Constitution

Arguments For Arguments Against
Stop the drift towards excessive power of government Political system would…


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