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What is all this social class
business anyway?…read more

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It's all about me really…read more

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I said that these things
would happen:
The working class would get poorer
The rich would get rich and the poor would get poorer
and the middle classes would be sucked into one of
the main classes (proletariat or bourgeoisie)
Class conflict
Class struggle between the bourgeoisie and the
There would be a revolution…read more

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· The rich have got richer
and ....
· The middle class has
got richer and ...
· The working class have
got richer and ...
· The poor have got richer…read more

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· The middle classes
have grown enormously
· ... and post-Fordism
has created a
bewildering array of
new work and new
types of work…read more

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Class conflict
· The miner's strike of the
1980s could possible be
seen as class conflict
· But in the post-Fordist age
unions are weak and
workers appear to feel
little solidarity and class
· And there are a lot of well-
paid manual jobs…read more

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