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Current Electricity
Electricity Topic 2…read more

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Circuits ­ The Basics
· The flow of electrons round a circuit is
called the current.
· Voltage is the force that pushes the current
round the circuit.
· If you increase the voltage, more current
will flow.
· If you increase the resistance, less current
will flow.…read more

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Circuits ­ The Basics
Provides the
The unit of:
Measures Current ­ amp
the Voltage ­ volt
voltage. Resistance ­ ohm
Ways of decreasing
the current in a
standard test
1. Reducing the
voltage from
Measures the the battery.
current. 2. Increasing the
resistance of
Used to alter the variable
the current. resistor.…read more

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Circuits ­ The Basics
· Current flows from positive to negative.
· An ammeter should be connected in series
with a component.
· Items that are in series can be in any
· A voltmeter should be connected in
parallel with a component.…read more

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Current Voltage Graphs
2. Bulb
1. Resistor 3. Diode
V…read more

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Current Voltage Graphs
1) Diode ­ only lets current flow in one
2) Light dependant resistor ­ resistance
decreases when light intensity increases.
3) Thermistor ­ resistance decreases when
temperature increases.…read more

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