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· The highest domestic
court of appeal.
· Its full title is the Judicial
Committee of the House
of Lords.
· This court only hears
appeals on points of law.
· Its judges are known as
Lords of Appeal in
Ordinary or the `Law
Lords'.…read more

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The Court of Appeal
(Criminal Division)
· Mainly deals with
appeals from the
Crown Court.
· Its judges are known as
the Lords Justices of
· The President of the
Criminal Division is the
Lord Chief Justice.…read more

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The Crown Court
· Tries indictable offences.
· Also deals with triable
either way offences, such
as theft, where the case
has been sent for trial from
the Magistrates' Court.
· A jury is used if the
defendant pleads not guilty.
· The judge will be a High
Court judge or a circuit
judge or a recorder.…read more

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Magistrates' Court
· A local court hearing
mainly criminal cases but
with some jurisdiction
over civil matters.
· All criminal cases must
begin in this court.
· Justices of the Peace
(part-time and legally
unqualified) or a district
judge hears the case.…read more


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