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Coronary heart disease is the blockage of one or more coronary arteries and is the most
common heart disease that would go on to initiate heart attacks. CHD is the result of deposition of
fatty substances in the wall of the coronary arteries; this deposition process is known as

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Heart Attack (myocardial Infarction): The prevention of blood flowing properly parts of the
heart causing injury to the heart muscle due to insufficient oxygen being received. Some
symptoms of a heart attack could be sudden or develop more slowly. A heart attack can be
identified mainly by severe pain in…

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removed. There are different designs of the stent including some that are able to release drugs that
prevent the vessel from re-narrowing due to scar formation at the site of angioplasty.

The coronary bypass surgery involves an operation that would bypass the blocked arteries in
order to overcome the problems…

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Risk Factor Reducing Risk Factor
High Serum Cholesterol Cholesterol deposit in The risks can be reduced by
(Hypercholesterolemia) atherosclerosis a process that adopting a healthy lifestyle
leads to progressive blockage that includes less LDL. It is
of blood vessels and results in advised along with this to avoid
coronary heart…

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can bring on other health
Alcohol Alcohol consumption can cause Alcohol taken in moderation
damage to the heart and cause would reduce the risk of CHD,
irregular heartbeats. It binge drinking however would
contributes to obesity, high be harmful.
blood pressure, and
unfavourable lipid profiles
High levels of Salt…


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