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Controlling Glucose 14
The amount of glucose
in our blood ("blood
sugar level") is
controlled by the
pancreas...…read more

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Controlling Glucose 14
The amount of glucose in
our blood is controlled by
the hormones insulin and
glucagon working with the
Glucose returns to normal…read more

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The pancreas 14
The pancreas
releases releases
a hormone a hormone
called called
insulin. glucagon.
Insulin makes : Blood Glucose
Glucose Glycogen level
returns to normal
Blood glucose level too high
Blood glucose level too low
Receptor cells in the pancreas
Glucagon makes :
monitor blood glucose levels
Glycogen Glucose…read more

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Receptor cells in the pancreas
monitor blood glucose levels
Blood glucose level too Blood glucose level too
high low
The pancreas The pancreas
releases a hormone releases a
called insulin. hormone
Called glucagon.
Insulin makes : Glucagon makes :
Glucose Glycogen Glycogen Glucose
Blood Glucose
level…read more

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Diabetes 14
Diabetes is a ________ in which a person's blood sugar (i.
e. glucose) level may rise to a _______ level. This is
because the ______ doesn't produce enough _________.
Diabetes can be treated by __________ carefully or by
injecting extra insulin when needed. Diabetics have to
test their blood sugar level before they decide how much
insulin to _______ themselves with.
Words ­ insulin, disease, inject,
dangerous, eating, pancreas…read more


lisa linsdell


PP presentation showing the negative feedback system for sugar levels in the body. Good for any exam board covering homeostasis.

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