Controlling Blood Glucose and Diabetes

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  • Controlling Blood Glucose
    • Carbohydrates
      • Puts glucose into the blood
        • Glucose level in the blood must be steady
          • Changes are controlled by hormones in a negative feedback system
      • Glucose gets removed from the blood
        • By a normal metabolism
        • Alot of exercise removes more glucose
        • Excess glucose can be stored
          • In the liver
          • In the muscles
    • The negative feedback system
      • Glucose level too high
        • Insulin is added
          • Insulin is secreted (made) in the pancreas
          • Insulin basically removes glucose from the blood
      • Glucose level too low
        • Glucagon is added
          • Glucagon makes the liver turn glycogen into glucose
          • Secreted (made) in the pancreas
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    • Type one diabetes
      • Your body doesn't produce enough insulin
      • Blood sugar level can rise to a high level and even kill you
      • Usually needs insulin injections
        • Makes sure glucose is removed from the blood after digesting food
      • Have to carefully control the amount of carbohydrates in their diet
    • Type two diabetes
      • Your body becomes resistant to it's own glucose
      • Blood sugar levels can increase to dangerous levels
      • Being overweight increases your chances og getting type two diabetes
      • Can be controlled with a good, carbohydrate  controlled diet and exersice


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