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Continuum by Allen Curnow
Circle, continuous half Poems explored private and
Doesn't make sense ­ unanswerable ­ ambiguous. Ambiguity,
asleep, half awake
he's delirious, tired. unanswerable.
Lots of enjambment. Moonlight? Cycle of night ­ people sleeping he doesn'
The moon rolls over the roof and falls behind t. Moon out at night, him too.
His view of it.
Unstable ­ reflecting mental my house, and the moon does neither of these things,
state, lacking control. Imagination?
Contradiction ­ logic & what
I am talking about myself. eyes are seeing.
Confused Dream/reality Metaphor?
Sleep is a place which he aspires
So tired can barely think. It's not possible to get off to sleep or to reach. Intangible to him.
Wavering, the subject or the planet, nor to think thoughts. Odd punctuation/structure
unfocused mind. ­ near sleep, jerks awake.
Better barefoot it out the front.
Enjambment ­ train of
Unprepared, uncaring. thought. Short stanzas show
At ease in environment. breaks in brain activity.
Outside - way to occupy door and lean from the porch across the privets
himself, looking to nature.
and the palms into the washed-out creation,
Unfocused, distant, sees rest
a dark place with two particular of world as unimportant
In his mind ­fear?
Contrasts to next stanza ­ Unknown?
"bright clouds" ­ shows
confusion, thought tracks.…read more

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Ambiguity, unsure of
himself, what he's seen.
bright clouds dusted (query) by the moon, one's mine
Rival opponent.
the other's an adversary, which may depend
His thoughts, fighting wakeness.
on the wind, or something.
A long moment stretches, the next one is not
Reality defined by times, disturbs it.
on time. Not unaccountably the chill of He's lost in time.
the planking underfoot rises.
in the throat, for it's part the night sky empties
Calm, one with nature, Tight throat, crushed,
above and below. the whole of it's contents down. Turn on a bare threatened, restricted.
heel, close the door behind
Scared, escaping.
Overactive mind, trying
to leave it behind.
on the author, cringing demiurge, who picks up
View of earth skewed.
his litter and his tools Controller,
and paces it's gone wrong.
me back
to bed, stealthily in step. Falling out of himself.
Separating author and human in him.…read more

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Possible questions
· Explore the ways in which the poet vividly conveys
his state of mind in this poem.
· Explore how the words of this poem powerfully
contribute to it's overall effect and meaning.
· What do you find particularly memorable about the
poets' portrayal of the night?
· Explore how the poet shows his feelings through the
poem.…read more


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