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Concurrent Powers
Pass Legislation
Override P. Veto
Declare War
Initiate const. Amendments
Confirm appt. Of Vice President…read more

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Separate Powers
House Of Representatives Senate
Initiate Money Bills Ratify Treaties
Impeachment Confirm Appts.
Elect President when E.C. Is deadlock Try cases of Impeachment
Elect Vice P. When E.C. Is deadlock…read more

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Senate more powerful than the House of Rep?
Enjoy Exc. Powers BOTH share the power to init. Const
1/100 vs. 1/435 BOTH = PAY
Recruiting pool for V.P and P. E.g. BOTH Need 2/3rds majority to override
Obama, and 2004 P. Candidate John K a P. Veto
Congressman usually want to be a BOTH have powerful standing
Senator committees
Serve longer terms 6 years (3x) At conference committee BOTH houses
are rep.
Represent entire state BOTH must agree to the compromise
reached at the conference committee
Enjoy Name Recognition
More likely to chair a committee…read more

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Leadership- Speaker of H. Of. Rep
Elected by House of membership,
Usually of majority party
Next in line to presidency after vice president…read more

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Act as presiding officer
Refers bills to committee
Interprets and enforce the rules of house decided points
to order
Appts. And select conference committee chairs
Appts. Majority party members of House Rules
Exercise considerable influence in the flow of legislation
through the House, as well as in committee assignments
for majority party members and even the selection of
House Standing Committee chairs.…read more

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