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A conductor is something that conducts electricity easily without much
resistance. They are usually transition metals such as copper and
Properties ­ they have free flowing electrons which allows them the
electricity to flow easily
Examples: copper, is used in wires because it is a really good
conductor and in it is thin, aluminium and steel are also examples of
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Semiconductors conduct electricity like conductors however they aren't
as good as normal conductors.
There are 2 types of semiconductor intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic
conductors are naturally occurring where as extrinsic conductors are
manufactured. On their own they are good insulators
They only conduct electricity in special conditions.
Examples : silicon, which is intrinsic which is used to make glass and is
found on many beaches as sand.
Germanium, which was a commercially used conductor but isn't used
much anymore as it is expensive.…read more

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Superconductors conduct electricity with no resistance because of this
they can conduct electricity really really easily and can conduct
electricity at very low temperatures.
They are used in MRI scanners.
Examples: mercury and tin…read more


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