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What is convection?
The second way heat travels is by
convection. Convection is the rising of
warm air from an object, such as the
surface of Earth. Convection allows heat
to travel through both gases and liquids,
moving from warmer areas to cooler
areas. It cannot take place in solids.…

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When they converge the plates move towards each other.

What is conduction?
Conduction is the flow of heat through a solid. When you walk on a hot
sidewalk, the concrete warms--or burns--your feet through conduction.
When a warmer substance with quickly moving molecules (the sidewalk)
comes into contact with a…

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What is radiation?
Radiation is energy transmitted
in the form of electromagnetic
waves that travel through the
vacuum of space at the speed of
light. . This is why we can still
feel the heat of the Sun,
although it is 150 million km
away from the Earth. Infrared


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