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Diet: Carbohydrates, fats and proteins = release energy and to build cells. Mineral ions and
Metabolic Rate: The rate chemical reactions in cells are carried out. Affected = activity/ muscle to

Pathogens: Bacteria and viruses may produce toxins. Viruses damage cells where they reproduce.
White blood…

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The Nervous System: Enables humans to react to their surroundings and coordinate their
Receptors: Cells that detect stimuli. Eyes = Light. Ears = Sound and Position (For
Tongue And Nose = Chemicals Skin = Touch, Pressure, Pain and to Temperature
Neurones: Pass information from receptors to the…

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IVF: Inject Mother FSH and LH to stimulate the maturation of several eggs. The eggs are collected
from the mother and fertilised by sperm from the father. The fertilised eggs develop into embryos.
At the blastocyst or cleavage stage, one or two embryos are inserted into the mother's uterus .…

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Not Accepted: Challenged the idea of God, insufficient evidence, genetics were not well
Natural Selection: Random mutations, more live, reproduce, passed on to next generation
Gametes: Sex cells from which the offspring develop. Have 23 chromosomes each, half the usual.
Sexual Reproduction: Fusion of male and female gametes. This…

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