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·Movement of molecules
·Transport systems
·Humans and their environment…read more

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Sports Drinks
· If water and ions are not replaced, the ion / water
balance of the body is disturbed and the cells do not
work as efficiently.
· Sports drinks contain:
· Sugars to replace the sugar used in energy release
during the activity.
· Water and mineral ions to replace the water and
ions lost during sweating.
· Most soft drinks contain
water, sugar and ions.…read more

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Exchange Surfaces
Gas and solute exchange surfaces in organisms are
adapted maximise effectiveness.
The effectiveness of an exchange surface is increased by:
· having a large surface area
· being thin to provide a short diffusion path
· (in animals) having an efficient blood supply and
ventilation to maintain a steep concentration gradient
The size and complexity of an organism increases the
difficulty of exchanging materials.…read more

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Exchange Systems in Plants…read more

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Exchange Systems in Plants
In plants:
· Carbon dioxide enters leaves by diffusion
· Most of the water and mineral ions are absorbed by the roots
· The surface area of the roots is increased by root hairs
· The surface area of leaves is increased by their long and thin shape…read more

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