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Competing Approaches to Poverty and
the Welfare State
New Right: Conservative, 1979

- Income support to replace Supplementary benefit. The result was that the level of benefit was
reduced for many, and cut completely for some.
- The social fund, partly to help those in hardship not covered by…

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possible wages
- The unemployed will always be there to take the employed people's jobs if their wage
demands are too great
- Welfare state is merely to help maintain capitalism
- Marxists would prefer a radical change in society
- If the government did try to take the…

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- The third way approach to welfare
- Influenced by sociologist Giddens
- Mixture of means testing and universalism
- Emphasis on rights and responsibilities
- Emphasis on paid employment for all
-Welfare not just provided by the state, but also by private, voluntary and informal providers


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