Comparison Essay on English Lit Moonlight On The Tides

An example essay on Moonlight on the Tides Anthology - Relationships- Sonnet 43 and Ghazal.

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English Literature Practice Comparison Essay
Ghazal and Sonnet 43
In sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the opening line of the
poem highlights her confidence within their relationship, for
example "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways" She uses a
caesura to create the illusion that she is pausing for thought, this
implies that she is trying to convince herself of their love. However
she then goes on to say let me count the ways, the use of a
hyphen emphasis's how she thinks there are multiple reasons and
she will list them. Whereas in Ghazal the poet opens the poem with
a description of their relationship, "If I am the grass and you the
breeze, blow though me." The comparison used here shows show
her partner is more dominant and she is more accepting of this, it
also shows how their relationship is inconstant as the breeze is not
always there but it will ultimately come back. This emphasis's that
there love is immortal. Also the repetition of "If I" shows that the
narrator is unsure, therefore this once again presents the narrator
as passive. These narrators contrast as in Ghazal they are
presented as unsure and possessed by her partner where as in
Sonnet 43 the narrator is shown as a equal and is very confident
about their relationship.
In Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, she shows the
strength of her love, she writes "I love thee to the depth and
breadth and height my soul can reach" The use of astronomical
imagery shows the immortality of her love, as she is trying to put a
numerical explanation on emotion, it does however succeed as
Elizabeth makes it clear that she loves every inch of her husband.
Also the use of repetition in "I love thee" with no other metaphors

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It also shows that there love will never
recede only become more. In Ghazal the narrator describes how
painful their love can be, she writes "If yours is the iron fist in the
velvet glove" This implies that he rules her, this could show the
power of their love as she wants to please him, but it could also
show that he owns her.…read more

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The contrast between the two poems at this point is that in
Sonnet 43 the writer uses light metaphors to create the illusion that
she sees her husband as her savoir and godly, whereas in Ghazal
the poets partner is seen to block out the light and any hope of
another relationship.…read more


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