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Communism and fascism
In communism everyone gets an equal share of all the money earned by
everyone. It is designed so that the poor can become equal with the
Land is distributed equally but there is no private land.
There is usually a dictator with complete power.
Marx- the person who originally created the communist manifesto-
created ten tenets for communism which are.
One central banking system.
The government control education.
The government control labour
The government own all transportation and vehicles.…read more

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Although there are more than one types of fascism including Mussolini's
Fascism (spelt with a capital F) and Hitler's fascism (spelt with a lower
case f), there are still some main features of it.
Survival of the fittest- peacefulness is seen as a weakness in fascism.
Unlike in communism there are very distinct classes.
Like Communism fascism will have one all-powerful leader.
The regime is usually violent due to them believing that they can't keep
complete control without strict discipline.…read more


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