religious responses to victims of war

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  • religious responses to victims of war
    • Islam
      • islamic relief - NGO founded in UK by postgraduate students
        • inspired by their faith in islam - respond to needs of victims of war by providing short term aid during disasters and emergencies as well as working alongside communities to prepare them
        • they help people regardless of race, gender of belief - they don't expect anything in return
          • "whoever saved a life, it would be as if they saved the life of all mankind"
      • Muslim aid - british charity - work governed by principles of islam - compassion, empathy, generosity and helping those in need - funded by donations from supporters
        • set up Beity orphanage
          • to home 75 young children whose parents had been killed in syria conflict
    • Christianity
      • Many christians support organisations that help and care for victims of war -  a basic christian teaching is to "love thy neighbour"
      • Caritas - catholic organisation whose mission is to serve the poor and promote charity and justice  - inspired by teachings of jesus and church
        • in 2015, caritas provided food and shelter for refugees fleeing war in syria - also provided translator and legal services so they would know their rights and options to make informed decisions
      • Christian aid - aims to end poverty - work with victims of war including refugees
        • thry also aim to eliminate the causes of poverty- they work to establish basic human rights and fairness in society, in the hope that wars will not be seen as necessary
          • they raise awareness about refugees in order to raise funds to offer practical support


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