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Many managers devote a significant proportion of their time to communications both within and
outside the business.

Communication can be simply defined as the flow of information from one person to

Effective communications are, therefore, vital to the success of the business, since the delegation of
work, the…

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councils). This will help to improve their job satisfaction and level of motivation, as well as
encouraging lower rates of absenteeism and labour turnover.

Quantitative communication involves the transmission and interpretation of data and numerical
information (e.g. sales figures or financial data).

Qualitative communication involves the use of language, either…

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Communication Breakdown

This is often referred to as 'noise' and simply means anything that will distract the recipient of the
message or cause either a failure to receive the message or a misinterpretation of the message.
There are a number of factors which can cause communication breakdown:

a. Too much…


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