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Information Processing Approaches

Key points of Piaget's constructivist theory

Piaget believed that a child...

Gradually understands it's world using schemas that develop via maturation (nature) and
experience (nurture)
Passes through stages that are qualitatively different ­ what the child can and cannot do
Gradually stops making cognitive `error's such…

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Acquisition of better strategies (making sense of the world around you)

According to IP theories cognitive development occurs through...

Automation of processing allows processing capacity to be `freed up' so more complex tasks
can be undertaken
Changes in:
o Number of `schemes' available like Piaget's schemas
o M-power (mental capacity)…

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o Children develop the ability to conserve liquid quantity, mass, number, etc about the
age of 7 because concrete operations allow them to grasp their underlying logic

IP Approach:

Emphasises limitations in the child's ability to process information
o 5 year olds get conservation of liquid quantity wrong because they…


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