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Cognitive Approach
Focuses on the internal thought
processes…read more

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Like the behaviourists the cognitive theory
believes there is an environmental stimulus but
argue that there are internal thought processes
(mediation) before the behavioural response.…read more

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Information Processors
Liken humans to computers whereby we absorb
info from outside world, encode it, interpret it,
store it and retrieve it.
E.g. Multistore model of memory…read more

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Focus on more complex behaviours that cannot
be explained in terms of the principles of the
behaviourists approach.
E.g. perception, attention, memory, language
and thinking…read more

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Artificial Intelligence
Attempted to create computer programs which
would model cognitive processes e.g. problem
solving, chess games, online therapist Eliza…read more

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Positive evaluation
+ Like the behaviourists it is a scientific method
+ Provided explanations for more complex behaviours
such as memory and problem solving which cannot be
explained in terms of behaviourists principles of
stimulus and response
+ Cognitive therapy has proved useful in the treatment
of mental disorders and reshaping the clients irrational
thought processes…read more

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