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Coast Case Studies
Coastal Flooding

Maldives ­ a group of islands in the Indian Ocean

1190 islands of which 199 are inhabited
Average island height of 1.5m above sea level

Economic impacts

Loss of tourism ­ the largest industry in the Maldives. If main airport can't work due to coastal…

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Faces direct force of prevailing south-westerly wind
Waves can have a very long fetch so can be very powerful and carry out a great deal of erosion
Small streams (locally called `Bunny's) flow towards the coast but disappear into permeable sands before
they reach the sea adding to amount of…

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Strategies are locally successful but cause problems elsewhere

Groynes protect local areas but cause narrow beaches to form further down the Holderness coast
Material produced from erosion normally transported south into Humber estuary. Reducing amount of
material increases risk of flooding because less material to slow down flood water down…

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Marram grass has folded leaves to reduce water loss , sand dunes are windy and dry and long roots to
stabilise itself in loose sand
Lyme grass has waxy leaves to reduce water loss by transpiration
Grebes are birds that dive underwater to fins food in the sea. Feed are…

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It is a SSSI (site of special specific interest) meaning it gives it extra protection, no buildings are allowed on
it and conservation and research is a priority
The area is closely monitored and managed to maintain its biodiversity access is limited and development is

Different species found



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