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Sea Wall
Concrete or rock barrier placed at the bottom of cliffs or at the top of a beach, curve faced to deflect
waves back into sea.

Cost: 6 million per km


Effective way of stopping the sea.
Often has a promenade for people to walk on
down by…

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Rock Armour
Piles of large boulders and rocks placed at the foot of a cliff. The rocks force the waves to break
early so they don't break against the cliff.

Cost - £2,000 > £4,000 per metre


Relatively cheap and easy to maintain
Provide interest to the coast


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Offshore Breakwater
Barriers placed parallel to the coast in shallow water to reduce waves and therefore reduce
long-shore drift on a certain piece of coast or they are large barriers place in front of harbours to
reduce wave intensity in order for safe docking for the boats they may also…

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A sloping concrete or wooden wall with gaps between each piece. It can have stones piled up behind
them. They weaken the strength of the waves before hitting the cliffs.

Cost: £5000-£50,000/100m


Fairly Cheap


Are laid on beach which can disrupt access to the
sea and tourist…


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