Coastal Management Strategies!

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Sea Wall
Concrete or rock barrier placed at the bottom of cliffs or at the top of a beach, curve faced to deflect
waves back into sea.
Cost: 6 million per km
Effective way of stopping the sea.
Often has a promenade for people to walk on
down by the beach.
Can be obstructive
Unnatural to look at.
Very expensive, high maintenance costs.
Timber or rock structures that lead out into the sea from the coast. They stop long shore drift and
reduce the waves attacking the coast.
Cost - £10,000 (at 200m)
Bigger beach => enhance tourist potential
Useful structures for fishing interests
Not too expensive
Can lead to erosion in other places
as long shore drift is stopped
Un-natural and un-attractive
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Rock Armour
Piles of large boulders and rocks placed at the foot of a cliff. The rocks force the waves to break
early so they don't break against the cliff.
Cost - £2,000 > £4,000 per metre
Relatively cheap and easy to maintain
Provide interest to the coast
Expensive to transport
They don't fit in with local geology
Can be obstructive
Beach Nourishment
Build the beach up, make it higher and broader and less easy to erode.…read more

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Offshore Breakwater
Barriers placed parallel to the coast in shallow water to reduce waves and therefore reduce
long-shore drift on a certain piece of coast or they are large barriers place in front of harbours to
reduce wave intensity in order for safe docking for the boats they may also be used to reduce
erosion of cliffs.…read more

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A sloping concrete or wooden wall with gaps between each piece. It can have stones piled up behind
them. They weaken the strength of the waves before hitting the cliffs.
Cost: £5000-£50,000/100m
Fairly Cheap
Are laid on beach which can disrupt access to the
sea and tourist activity.
Do not sustain/ last very long.
Cliff Drainage Systems
Drainage channels and pipes that have been built within the cliff.…read more


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