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Christian atitudes towards Abortion

Roman Catholic's Belief's -

- evey woman has a 'right to live'

- life belongs to god => only he can end pregnancy

- Abortion is taking a life

- ten commandments says its wrong => 'thall shall not kill'

- Abortion => cause trauma on women => mentall ilness guillt

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Christian atitudes towards Abortion

Liberal Protestant Belief's -

- jesus told to 'love thier neightbour as themselves' => abortion could be most loving thing to do

- life DOES NOT begin at conception

- Sancity of life can be broken in a just war, so why not abortion? (e.g. mothers life is at risk)

- christians should accept teccnological advances in medicine => amniocentesis tests to detect disease of foetus => parents should be allowed abortion

- christianity concerned with justice (fairness) => if abortion banned => unjust situation would arise

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