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It was introduced in the 1980 to prevent rapid birth
· China serves nearly 25% of the world's population.
· To control rapid growth of Natural Increase in
· There is a very high population density which would
cause a problem because there wouldn't be enough
resources to provide everybody.
· Avoid a crisis similar to the catastrophic famine
during the early 1960s.
· Try and ease social, environmental and economical
issues in the country.
· Provide better lifestyles for the people in China.
· People consider this strategy to be harsh on the…read more

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Better lifestyles are promised for the families.
· Later marriages in life.
· Better retirement pensions.
· The mother is granted a longer maternity leave
than in other countries.
· Salary rise for the parents
· Free education for their children.
· The child gets priority for a job in the future.
·The 1 child were called
Emperor Babies.…read more

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Family planning inspections.
· Abortions-for up to 9 months.
· Penalties will be applied-10% salary cut.
· Special taxes will be demanded.
· Sterilisation would be threatened on the
· Parents would have to pay for BOTH
children's education for healthcare and the
whole family.
· Second children born abroad are not
penalised but they are not allowed to
become Chinese citizens.
· Some parents could have pay reductions.…read more

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Lonely children (no siblings)
· Infanticide or Abandoned (females; Crammed
· The ancient tradition of large Chinese families have
died away.
· Many families are left to fund for their own 2nd child
(meaning 10% or more of the parent's income)
· People living in the countryside will suffer because they
would not have a big enough workforce to help them
on the land.
· Only children become over-indulged. `Little Emperors'
· It has prevented around 300 millions of births.
· The government has a control of the private lives of
people.…read more

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The population would grow at a slower rate.
· Women have more time to focus on careers
which means they have achieved more.
· With people earning more money, they can
afford to break the rules, pay the penalties
and take the consequences of a second
· Large numbers of people have been taken
out of poverty as there are more resources
to go around.
· There is less pollution.
· Better living conditions
· Less competitions for good schools and…read more

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