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The History of
the Atom
By Kym Priestley…read more

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400 BC
Democritus of Adbera
· Democritus began the
idea of an atom, he asked
'if you break a piece of
matter in half, and then
break it in half again, how
many breaks will you have
to make before you can
break it no further?' He
thought it had to end at
some point and it would
be the smallest bit of
matter. He called these
basic matter particles 'a…read more

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John Dalton
· John Dalton was born in
Eaglesfield in Cumberland
, England and he was the
son of a weaver.
· Dalton performed
experiments with various
chemicals that showed
that matter seemed to
consist of elementary
lumpy particles (atoms).
Although he did not know
about their structure, he
knew that the evidence
pointed to something
fundamental and he was…read more

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J.J Thomson
· J.J Thomson was born
Cheetham Hill,
· Thomson discovered the
electron while he was
exploring the properties
of cathode rays. Thomson
made his suggestion on
30 April 1897 following
his discovery that Lenard
rays could travel much
further through air than
expected for an atomic-
sized particle .…read more

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Robert A. Milikan
· Robert A. Milikan was born
Illinois , USA .
· While doing the oil-drop
experiment he discovered
the charge of the electron.
His experiment measured
the force on tiny charged
droplets of oil suspended
against gravity between two
metal electrodes. Knowing
the electric field, the charge
on the droplet could be
determined. Repeating the
experiment for many
droplets, Millikan showed
that the results could be…read more

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Ernest Rutherford
· Ernest Rutherford was
born in Brightwater,
New Zealand.
· While experimenting
with an alpha particle
emitter and gold foil, he
saw that the particles
were deflected in
different directions. This
brought him to the
conclusion that atoms…read more

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