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YESTERDAY MORNING CHARLES DARWINS book `on the origin of species' was published and launch nation
An anonymous citizen quoted:
Darwin has established that over time, all species descended from common ancestry.
He's proposed the scientific theory that this branching pattern of evolution resulted from a process called
natural selection.
Darwin also claims that he's always had an interest in nature. He neglected his medical education as a teen and
reverted his studies to nature.
Darwin is not the first naturalist to propose that species change over time into new species. Jean Baptize
Lamarck began his scientific career as a botanist, but in 1793 he became one of the founding professors of the
Musee National d'Histoire Naturelle as an expert on intervertabrates. Lamarck challenges Darwin's theory as

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Lamarck believes when environments changed organisms had to change their behavior in order to survive. Then,
the animals offspring inherits it.
People of our country are not excepting Darwin's theory as most citizens believe that god created the world
over 7 days. Of course, some people are open to new ideas and support Darwin's theory, but the question is:
who is right?
IN many different ways darwins central argument is very different to Lamarcks.…read more


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