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Of Mice and Men
Short summary
Chapter 1
George and lennie camp at the Salinas river near the ranch before starting new jobs. It is clear that
Lennie is slow to understand. He has been keeping a dead mouse to pet in his pocket which George
makes him get rid of. We learn why they had to leave weed; because lennie touched a girls dress,
she'd shouted out, and they'd had to hide in a ditch to escape angry townsfolk. George tells Lennie
about their dream of owning land, which he has clearly told before. George feels responsible for
lennie and makes him promise to return to the river if he gets into trouble.
Chapter 2
George and Lennie start work at the ranch. They meet the others on the ranch. They met curley and
his wife who came in to the bunk house and flirted with them. Lennie is attracted to her and George is
worried so warns lennie to keep away from curley and his wife. They also meet slim who is the jerk
line skinner ­ he is in charge of the horses, he is a man with natural authority.
Chapter 3
George reveals to slim why they left weed. Slim gives lennie a puppy. Carlson, a farm hand, convices
candy to let his old dog be shot. He makes George and lennies dream possible by offering half of the
money to join them. Curley starts a fight with lennie, who is hit hard until George tells him to fight
back and curley receives a crushed fist. Slim makes curley say that his hand was injured in an accident.
Chapter 4
Lennie and candy visit crooks (the black crippled stable buck) in his room. They discuss lonliness.
Candy appears and they discuss the dream of owning land. Curleys wife interrupts who laughs at
them, and threatens crooks with a charge of rape when he asks her to leave because she is
Chapter 5
Lennie kills his pup and then tries to bury it in straw in the barn. curleys wife comes in and they talk.
He explains he likes soft things so she asks him to stroke her hair. She panics when she feels his
strength, and he breaks her neck by accident and kills her. When the body is found it is obvious that
lennie is the killer. Curley wants to kill lennie and they start a hunt looking for him.

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Chapter 6
George realises that lennie could not bear life in prison and he cant stand the thought of lennie being
lynched by curley and the others. He finds Lennie has returned to the river, where they had agreed
to meet if there was trouble. He talks to lennie about their dream land before the others arrive and
shoots him to save him from curley. Slim comforts George and tells him he had no choice.…read more


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