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Ralph "the boy with fair hair", "delight of a realised ambition overcame
him", physique of a "boxer", "mildness about his mouth and eyes that
proclaimed no devil", has "size and attractive appearance" and "the conch"
which sets him apart as leader, "genuine leadership", "we'll be like animals"
[if they…

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Roger and most of the other boys lose their respect for these forces, and violence, torture, and
murder break out as the savage instinct replaces the instinct for civilization among the group.

2. His mind was crowded with memories; memories of the knowledge that had come to
them when they…

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behaves and acts according to moral guidelines, but this behavior and these guidelines seem
learned rather than innate. Ralph seems to have darker instinctual urges beneath: like the
other boys, he gets swept up by bloodlust during the hunt and the dance afterward. Simon, on
the other hand, displays a…


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