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Chapter 22 -Business and the social environment

Stakeholders are individuals or groups within society who have an interest in an organisations
operation and performance.
Stakeholders include Local
Communities -
shareholders, employees, residents, other
customers, suppliers, creditors businesses,
local coucils
and the local community. The Customers - Suplliers -
interest that…

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Stakeholders Interests
Suppliers Frequent and regular orders
A sole supplier agreement
Fair prices
Creditors Repayment of money owed at agreed
Business and Social Responsibilities times
High returns on investments
The importance of social responsibility to
Minimal risk of failure to repay money
businesses is a matter of considerable debate. The…

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Changes in the composition of the UK population: the UK is subject to large migrationary flows.

The UK's ageing population: the population of the UK is steadily ageing with larger numbers of
people in the older age groups.

The rise in the number of single person households: people in the…


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