Cell Components

This is a list, including diagrams, of all components in cells and their functions x

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Cell Components
Name of Diagram Structure Function
The nucleus It's the largest Houses cells genetic
organelle. There are material. The chromatin
darkened patches consists of DNA &
(chromatin). Its Proteins. These proteins
surrounded by a regulate the cells
nuclear envelope (2 activities. When cells
membranes with fluid. divide, chromatin
There are a lot of holes condenses into
(nuclear pores) big chromosomes. The
enough for large nucleolus makes RNA and
molecules. There's a Ribosomes ­ they pass
dense, spherical into the cytoplasm and
structure called proteins are assembles in
nucleolus in the them.
Endoplasmic The ER consists of Rough ER transports
reticulum flattened, membrane proteins that were made
bound sacs called on the attached
cisternae. They are ribosomes. Proteins
continuous with the could be secreted, some
outer nuclear placed on the surface cell
membrane. Rough membrane. Smooth ER
endoplasmic makes the lipids.
reticulum is studied
with ribosomes,
Smooth ER does not.
Golgi A stack of membrane Receives proteins from
Apparatus bound, flattened sacs the ER and modifies them.
It then packages the
modified proteins into
vesicles that can be
transported. Some
modified proteins go to
the surface of the cell so
they can be secreted.
Mitochondri Spherical/ Sausage They are the site where
a shapes. They have 2 adenosine triphosphate
membranes separated (ATP), produced during
by fluid-filled space. respiration. Almost all

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Inner membrane is activities that need
highly folded to form energy in the cell are
cristae. Central part is driven by the energy
called the matrix. released by ATP.
Chloroplasts Only found in plant Chloroplasts are where
cells, and some photosynthesis occurs.
protocitists. Also have Light is used to drive the
2 membranes reactions of
separated by a photosynthesis which
fluid-filled space. The carbohydrate molecules
inner membrane is are made from Carbon
continuous, with a dioxide and water.
network of flattened
membrane sacs
(thylakoids).…read more

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Plasma It surrounds the cell. The plasma membrane
membrane Its present in both the gives the cell its shape
animal and plant cells. and protection. It also
regulates movement of
substances in and out of
the cell
Vacuole It is found in the In Plant Cells the
cytoplasm vacuoles a large fluid
filled structure involved
in storage and support. In
animals vacuoles are
smaller and more
Cilia and They are anchored in They are used for
Flagella the cell membrane and Motility; e.g.…read more

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Cell It is at the cell It depends on the type of
Junctions membrane surface, junction. E.g.…read more


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