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Cell Components

Name of Diagram Structure Function

The nucleus It's the largest Houses cells genetic
organelle. There are material. The chromatin
darkened patches consists of DNA &
(chromatin). Its Proteins. These proteins
surrounded by a regulate the cells
nuclear envelope (2 activities. When cells
membranes with fluid. divide, chromatin…

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Inner membrane is activities that need
highly folded to form energy in the cell are
cristae. Central part is driven by the energy
called the matrix. released by ATP.

Chloroplasts Only found in plant Chloroplasts are where
cells, and some photosynthesis occurs.
protocitists. Also have Light is used to drive…

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Plasma It surrounds the cell. The plasma membrane
membrane Its present in both the gives the cell its shape
animal and plant cells. and protection. It also
regulates movement of
substances in and out of
the cell

Vacuole It is found in the In Plant Cells the
cytoplasm vacuoles a…

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Cell It is at the cell It depends on the type of
Junctions membrane surface, junction. E.g.
connecting adjacent Desmosomes fasten cells
cells together, gap junctions
act as communication
between cells and tight
junctions prevent leakage
of extracellular fluid
from layers of epithelial


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