Case Study - Fold Mountains - Andes, Peru

Includes all you need to know about the Yanacocha gold mine, HEP, and tourism.

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Andes Case Study
The Andes and its people
The Andes are a range of young fold mountains formed some 65 million years ago.
How were they created?
They are at a destructive plate margin. The Nazca oceanic plate meets the
S.American continental plate. This subduction zone has created an ocean trench and
the Andes Fold Mountains.
Why are they so well known?
They are the longest range of fold mountains in the world, 7000km long, the length
of S.America. They are 300km wide with average height of 4000m.
People use the Andes in 4 ways:
1. Farming
2. Mining
3. Hydroelectric power (HEP)
4. Tourism

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Farming happens in the Andes despite:
1. High Altitude
2. Mountain slopes
In Bolivia:
Subsistence Farmers grow a variety of crops on the steep slopes,
including potatoes (a main source of food).
Use terraces to create areas of flat land on the slopes.
Terraces are good as flat areas hold water in an area with little, and
they stop movement of soil keeping soils thicker in an area with thin
Most crops grown in the lower valleys. Patchwork of different crops
eg.…read more

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Andes Case Study
HEP (Hydroelectric power)
Steep slopes and narrow valleys limit farming but are perfect for HEP.
More easily dammed than wider valleys
Relief (slope of the land) encourages the rapid fall/flow of water needed to
make electricity.
Melting snow in spring increases the supply of water
However varied rainfall throughout rest of year is a disadvantage.
2 Dams
Yuncan project dams the Paucartambo and Huachon rivers in NEast Peru
El Platinal project begins being built in 2009.…read more


Mr A Gibson

A useful and less common case study of fold mountains that you can add to your collection of examples. Some good facts in an easy to remember format.

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