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China's one child policy


The one child policy (which in Chinese is which
translates to "policy of birth planning") was introduced in 1979,
trying to restrict the number of children married urban couples can
have to one. This is because China was and still is very
overpopulated to the…

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other countries too, bringing China as a country down on the
World rankings.

Additionally, Chinese living in urban areas are allowed to have two
or more babies whereas rural can ony have one. Urban families are
usually richer too, meaning tha tpeople living in rural areas are
going to want…

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Here is the population pyramid of China for 2009:

As you can see, the amount of children being born has decreased
significantly, meaning the birth rate has decrease, giving an
overall decrease in population.

The Future

China's one child policy so far has been very efficient. However,
will this continue?…

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The amount of children being born has decreased even more, but
the number of elderly people has increased significantly. This
means that using the dependency ratio, there will be more elderly
people depending on the working class, meaning there also won't
be as many taxes coming in to the government.…


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