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Case study examination questions ­ OCR B (Avery Hill)

People and Place
2001 A1: Different types of housing in a town or city. USE LEICESTER OR RIO
For a named town or city in an MEDC or LEDC
i) Name the town or city.
ii) Describe the distribution of different…

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2006 A1: Population change and how it affects a place USE LEIRE
i) Name a place where the population is changing.
ii) Describe how the population is changing.
iii) Explain to what extent the changes have affected the place.

2006 A2: A planning issue in a town or city. USE…

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2005 A1: A weather event caused by low pressure USE HURRICANE GILBERT
i) Name and locate a weather event that has been caused by a low pressure weather system.
ii) Describe the weather event.
iii) Explain how the weather event affected different groups of people and/or organisations.

2005 A2: An…

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iv) Explain how this economic activity affects different groups of people and the
environment in the area around its location.

2004 C6: A country that trades with other countries USE ZAMBIA OR COSTA RICA
i) Name a country that trades with other countries.
ii) Describe this country's pattern of trade.…

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i) Name a place where you have studied a river landform. Name the type of landform and
state whether it was created by erosion or deposition.
ii) Describe how the river landform was created.
Explain how the river landform has been or is being used by people and/or organisations.



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