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shortened from
Elizabeth, show
power by
Carol Ann Duffy
Standing Female Nude…read more

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Each Stanza shows different abuse
1- physical , 2- emotional , 3- physical , 4-
physical / sexual , 5- emotional.
Carol thinks we should stop children from
moving into adulthood to quickly.
Lizzie is scared of her own parents, thinking of
other things to surpass the pain…read more

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Stanza 1
What are you doing?
I'm watching the moon
I'll give you the moon
when I get up there…read more

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Stanza 2
Where are you going?
To play in the fields.
I'll give you fields,
bend over that chair
Where are you going?- physically trying to remove herself
from the situation.…read more

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Stanza 3
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking of love.
I'll give you love
when I've climbed this stair
What are you thinking?- mentally removing herself
from the situation…read more

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Stanza 4
Where are you hiding?
Deep in the wood.
I'll give you wood
when your bottom's bare…read more

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