CAIE Problem-solving and Programming

I have built several resources for the CAIE Computer Science syllabuses. These are published on a webpage I created with GitHub, and all of these can be accessed free of cost, and without requiring the creation of any accounts or other drama. Brief descriptions of the resources I built alongside my A Level 9608 course:

  • Two Jupyter notebooks that guide a learner through all aspects related to programming on the A Level syllabus 9608 (also available using Binder and Google Colaboratory which can run in a web browser, so the viewer does not have to install any software to view them); suitable for revision.
  • A plug-in for the text editor Notepad++ that enables prettytyping (syntax highlighting) for pseudocode as per the CAIE specifications.
  • An exemplary solved pre-release material for IGCSE, and two more will be released for the A Level after the live exam series is completed and CAIE have released the results (to prevent malpractice).
  • Some YouTube channels were also particularly useful to me and have been listed too. The keen student is also likely to find them enjoyable, so it is recommended to check them out.

The page is available at

Disclaimer about all resources

While all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure full compatibility with the syllabuses (and the author himself uses these for their own practice and study), these are not official resources and have not been endorsed by Cambridge International Assessment Education for any syllabus. Please use them at your own discretion. The author will not be responsible for any syllabus mismatches

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Amazing! Thank you so much.