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C3a: What are atoms like?
1. An atom has a nucleus surrounded by electrons. The electrons go around the nucleus in shells.
Nucleus is made of protons and neutrons. Label these In the following diagram label these:
2. Protons are positively charged, so nucleus will have positive charge, (the nucleus has only
protons and neutrons, but neutrons have no charge) charged. A neutral atom will have same
number of electrons and protons.
3. Relative charge and relative mass of an electron, a proton and a neutron: Choose from the
1 +1 1 0.0005 0 (zero) 1
Electron Proton Neutron
Charges 1 +1 0
Relative Mass (0.0005) or 0 1 1
4. Find the atomic number of oxygen by using a periodic table: 8
5. Write down the atomic number of iron: 26
6. Write down the symbol and the name of an element that has,
Atomic number 12: Name: Magnesium symbol: Mg
Atomic number 78: Name: platinum symbol: Pt
7. Atomic number is the number of protons in an atom. (p)
8. Mass number is the total number of protons and neutrons in an atom. (p + n)
9. Isotopes as varieties of an element that have the same atomic number but different mass
10. There are just over (100 / 150 / 200 / 50) elements.
11. An element as a substance which:
cannot be broken down chemically
contains the same type of atom.
12. Which one of the following are elements. Circle them:
H2O-Water, Ag-Silver, H2-Hydrogen, Cu-Copper, CH4- Methane,
N2-Nitrogen, O2-Oxygen, CuO- Copper oxide,
Na2O-Sodium oxide,
Fe-Iron, S- Sulphur, HCl- Hydrogen chloride FeS- Iron sulphide.

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A compound is a substance that contains at least two elements chemically combined. ( joined)
14. Identify the elements in these compounds from its formula, using a periodic table.…read more


lisa linsdell

A good resource for foundation revision. This document contains the answers to questions posted in a separate document. Some of the graphics are a little bit misaligned, but not enough to confuse the reader.

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