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C3 Water
3.1 Water & Solubility…read more

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C3 3.1 Water & Solubility
· Learning Objectives: (copy & leave space for answers)
1. Explain the water cycle
2. Give examples of substances that can dissolve in
3. Define "Saturated Solution"…read more

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Define the following:
· Solvent
· Solution
· Solute
· Dissolve…read more

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The Water Cycle
· You must be able to describe & explain this in words…read more

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What Dissolves?
· Many gases ­ soluble in water
· Most ionic compounds
· Impossible to dissolve many covalent substances
in water ­ little attraction between their
molecules & water molecules…read more

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What dissolves?
· Solubility: the amount of a solute that can be
dissolved in a certain amount of solvent.
· Solubility of a solute in a solvent ­ measured in:
grams of solute
per 100 grams of solvent
at a particular temperature.
· Solubility of most solid solutes increases with
temperature.…read more

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