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Unit C2: Core Mathematics 2

Unit description Algebra and functions; coordinate geometry in the
(x, y) plane; sequences and series; trigonometry;
exponentials and logarithms; differentiation;

Assessment information

Examination The examination will consist of one 1½ hour paper. It
will contain about nine questions of varying length.

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2. Coordinate geometry in the (x, y) plane

Coordinate geometry of the Candidates should be able to find the radius and the
circle using the equation of a coordinates of the centre of the circle given the
circle in the form (x ­ a)2 + equation of the circle, and…

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4. Trigonometry

The sine and cosine rules,
and the area of a triangle in
the form 2 ab sin C.

Radian measure, including Use of the formulae s = r and
use for arc length and area of 1
A= 2 r2 for a circle.

Sine, cosine and…

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5. Exponentials and logarithms

y ax and its graph.

Laws of logarithms To include
loga xy = loga x + loga y,

loga y = loga x loga y,
loga xk = k loga x,
log a log a x
x ,
loga a = 1

The solution…

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7. Integration

Evaluation of definite

Interpretation of the Candidates will be expected to be able to evaluate the area
definite integral as the of a region bounded by a curve and given straight lines.
area under a curve.
Eg find the finite area bounded by the curve
y =…




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