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Revision Checklist
Unit C2: Core Mathematics 2
Unit description Algebra and functions; coordinate geometry in the
(x, y) plane; sequences and series; trigonometry;
exponentials and logarithms; differentiation;
Assessment information
Examination The examination will consist of one 1½ hour paper. It
will contain about nine questions of varying length.
The mark allocations per question will be stated on the
paper. All questions should be attempted.
Calculators Candidates are expected to have available a calculator
with at least the following keys: +, , , , , x , x, x ,
xy, ln x, ex, x!, sine, cosine and tangent and their
inverses in degrees and decimals of a degree, and in
radians; memory. Calculators with a facility for
symbolic algebra, differentiation and/or integration are
not permitted.
1. Algebra and functions
Simple algebraic division; Only division by (x + a) or (x ­ a) will be required.
use of the Factor Theorem
and the Remainder Theorem. Candidates should know that if
f(x) = 0 when x = a, then (x ­ a) is a factor of f(x).
Candidates may be required to factorise
cubic expressions such as
x3 + 3x2 ­ 4 and 6x3 + 11x2 ­ x ­ 6.
Candidates should be familiar with the terms `quotient'
and `remainder' and be able to determine the remainder
when the polynomial f(x) is divided by (ax + b).
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Coordinate geometry in the (x, y) plane
Coordinate geometry of the Candidates should be able to find the radius and the
circle using the equation of a coordinates of the centre of the circle given the
circle in the form (x ­ a)2 + equation of the circle, and vice versa.…read more

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The sine and cosine rules,
and the area of a triangle in
the form 2 ab sin C.
Radian measure, including Use of the formulae s = r and
use for arc length and area of 1
A= 2 r2 for a circle.
Sine, cosine and tangent Knowledge of graphs of curves with equations such as
functions. Their graphs,
symmetries and periodicity. x
y = 3 sin x, y = sin 6 , y = sin 2x is expected.…read more

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Exponentials and logarithms
y ax and its graph.
Laws of logarithms To include
loga xy = loga x + loga y,
loga y = loga x loga y,
loga xk = k loga x,
log a log a x
x ,
loga a = 1
The solution of equations of Candidates may use the change of base formula.
the form ax b.
6. Differentiation
Applications of The notation f(x) may be used for the second order
differentiation to maxima and derivative.…read more

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Evaluation of definite
Interpretation of the Candidates will be expected to be able to evaluate the area
definite integral as the of a region bounded by a curve and given straight lines.
area under a curve.
Eg find the finite area bounded by the curve
y = 6x ­ x2 and the line y = 2x.
x dy will not be required.
Approximation of area For example,
under a curve using the 1
trapezium rule.…read more



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